Happy to see you here - we'd love to share a little about us!

Personal styling is a dream job, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.


Since 2011, we’ve had the privilege of working with stylists from all over the world to help them navigate the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship with equal parts planning, courage, and a sense of humor.


We thrive on helping personal stylists at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey explore, launch, and grow their businesses so that, together, we make a positive change in the world...one wardrobe at a time.


The Highs

In 2006 I launched a personal styling business in Austin, TX and experienced a wave of  ____________:

  • Seeing clients...

  • Getting paid for it

  • Something else​

Alongside those thrilling moments, I also experienced frustrating ones:


X   Never-ending Styling Services
From chasing clients to schedule their consult and repeatedly asking them to complete their intake form, to marathon closet edits and clients slowing me down when they shopped with me. The entire process was draining!

Consultations took too long, and there were too many points in the process that depended on a client for 'next steps.'

I yearned for a styling methodology that positioned me as Lead and delivered high results in the most efficient way possible.

X   Massive Service Menu
At first, I wanted to meet everyone's wardrobe needs. As a result, I owned a service menu that offered everything under the sun. While I intended to be inclusive, my massive list of services caused more harm than good.

Potential clients would feel overwhelmed, and immediately run for the hills, or they would book services that were better suited for existing clients.

I needed a concise service menu that clearly described each service and easily took a new or existing client to the best option.


X   Administrative Systems.
Or, should I say, lack thereof. My #1 business objective was to love and support women through their wardrobes, but as my business grew, so did my administrative to-do list.

Instead of doing research for a client, marketing my business or spending time with family, I was in the office emailing scheduling options, consult reminders, invoices, client intake forms, etc.

I needed tools and a workflow that connected the front and back ends of my business plus automatically completed most of my administrative tasks for me.

X   Hourly Rate Model
Basically. It sucked. Not only did this model turn potential clients off but it also didn't compensate the aspects of a personal styling service a client didn't see.

I needed a structure that priced each service as a package and provided healthy margins.

Zero Business Resources
I looked everywhere for solutions but struggled to find industry resources that specifically helped with the business aspect of personal styling.

I needed to figure things out, or my personal styling business wasn't going to make it.

But what was most painful was not finding a resource that could help me with the specific ups and downs of running a personal styling business.




After five years in business, I developed, tested and perfected a business model that allowed me to be client-focused, streamlined, and profitable.

In 2011, I packaged it all up and launched The Paid Stylist with one mission:

Share my business model with other personal stylists so that WE ALL have client-devoted, streamlined, and profitable businesses.


Our Mission In Action

Through the Committed Program, the Sort, Shop & Style Business Model was implemented and used by new and established personal stylists throughout the country and demonstrating that it worked!

Established personal stylists were breaking through plateaus and reaching new milestones through...

  • A renewed sense of joy and motivation for their business.​

  • Streamlined workflow which allowed them more time and energy to promote their business and style clients. 

  • Package pricing model which often doubled or tripled their income.

  • Tiered service structure which enabled them to expand into new markets and confidently grow from solopreneur into a team. 

New personal stylists were confidently stepping into entrepreneurship and executing like pros through…

  • A clear understanding of their target audience which helped them to focus and keep from comparison mind games.​

  • Solid time management skills which helped them style clients and grow their business while maintaining full or part-time jobs.

  • Accessible but profitable pricing structure which allowed them to build a clientele without sacrificing healthy margins.

  • Streamlined styling process and tools that helped them provide services seasoned stylists.



You're here because helping others look and feel great is second nature to you. Your calling.

You're also here because you want to learn how to give your styling skills a business structure so that you can do what fulfills you as a profitable career.

It is possible, and the Sort, Shop & Style Business Model will help you reach that goal (and so many more!).


Personal styling is a dream job, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

We'll help you navigate the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship with equal parts planning, courage, and a sense of humor.