Who Will Hire You For Styling Services?

August 12, 2015


Landing your first styling client can seem like a feat greater than climbing Mount Everest. It’s not. But, we understand how easy it is to fall into this mental trap when you’re considering becoming a personal stylist or starting your own styling business.


It can seem like there’s a big (ok, maybe huge) gap between the people you know now and the people who will one day become your clients. The reality is that the gap isn’t actually as wide as you may think. If you’re reading this blog post, it’s very likely you’ve had several people approach you to ask for your help with their wardrobe. Once you’ve experienced the incredible rush you get from helping another person look and feel amazing, you may have started to wonder if being a personal stylist is a viable career option.


This week we’re sharing tips that will help you start to test the waters and show you that your first client might not be as far away as you may think. Try these three tips to begin to attract new clients... without even having a full-fledged styling business up and running.


Get Confident Thinking of Yourself As A Stylist

In order for other people to recognize you have a talent that can benefit them, you have to get comfortable talking about what you do. We’ve watched countless Paid Stylist alum grow into confident and profitable entrepreneurs as soon as they became confident talking and sharing about what they do and who they do it for. Getting comfortable sharing what you do as a personal stylist-- even if you’re not styling full-time-- is critical to overcoming the internal barriers to putting yourself out there for potential clients to find you. It can be as simple as sharing your dream of becoming a stylist with a family member or telling your best friend what you’d love to achieve as a stylist next week...or next year. We’ve heard stories of alumni who landed their first paying clients from sharing their passion for styling with neighbors, family friends, and talking about what they do as a personal stylists at dinner parties. You never know who might be struggling with their wardrobe, so why not share what you love?


Don’t Assume You Know Your Future Client
Your very first client can come from a connection as close to you as your mom or sister to someone as seemingly removed from you as a work acquaintance you chat with now and then while grabbing coffee (...and avoiding your computer screen at work). After helping a few people and seeing how thrilled they are with the results of your styling prowess, it never hurts to let them know you’re looking to grow and that you’d be happy to help any friends looking to work with a stylist.


Charge For Your Expertise

Even if it’s a very small amount when you get started, we highly recommended that you charge your first client after one or two practice clients. Here’s why: you’ll feel way more legit calling yourself a stylists and your clients (even if they’re your friends and family) will take the experience more seriously when they’re investing in your expertise. Over time, as your experience, confidence, and business grow can start to raise your rates. The great thing about starting a personal styling business is that there is very little overhead. Aside from a computer and a cell phone, you don’t have a lot of upfront costs so investing in a solid business model to guide you once you have some experience under your belt is the wisest investment you can make before you decide to take the leap into the world of entrepreneurship.


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