The One Styling Service You Need To Offer

August 19, 2015


Last week we shared what it takes to land your first client when you’re building your personal styling business. This week we’re tackling our next most asked question: what styling service should a personal stylist offer when they’re just starting out? Today we’re going to focus on the one service you should be offering when you’re getting your styling business off the ground: closet styling (also referred to as closet analysis).


Closet styling is a service that allows you to help your client “shop” their own closet while simultaneously finding the gaps that are make getting dressed in the morning frustrating. At the end of your time together, she’ll have new looks from what she already owns. Better yet, she’ll have the opportunity to see her closet as a whole and get a sense of whether the items she already owns reflect a style that feels right to her now.


We recommend the closet styling service when you’re just starting for two critical and strategic reasons. First, because it’s a manageable service you can provide on your own without the help of an assistant. From start to finish, this service should take about two hours. The second reason we start participants in our Curious Program off with this service is because you’ll face two of the more challenging parts of being a personal stylist and be provided with the support to handle it. The first tricky situation is getting used to going into another person’s home for the first time. This can be a little awkward at first but it definitely gets easier with time. The second reason this is the perfect service for a personal stylist just starting out is because it exposes you to the vast range of emotions that can come up when someone is examining their relationship to their clothes. Some clients have very little attachment to their clothing. They simply want to have pieces that work and make them feel great in their closet. Other clients are deeply attached to many items in their closet and have some trouble purging pieces that don’t fit into their current lifestyle but provoke fond memories. With time you’ll become confident enough to face any client scenario that you encounter with grace and ease because you’ll be used to the range of emotions clients experience when examining their relationship to their wardrobe.


Want to learn how to provide a closet styling service from start to finish? Check out our Curious Program.




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