The Only Online Marketing Tool You Need to Begin Promoting

September 9, 2015


Stylists contact to us with many great questions about how to market their new or existing businesses effectively: Which social media platform is right for their target audience? Should they be on all social media outlets or just a few? Is it better to use their existing personal social media accounts to promote their business or open a separate business account? There are endless options when it comes to marketing yourself across social media when you’re starting your business and these decisions can lead to paralysis. Today we’re sharing a quick guide to overcoming the overwhelm that comes with marketing your budding business and it doesn’t require a fancy website or a single cent: newsletters.


Why Newsletters Work

With the breakneck pace and mind-numbing quantity of information being distributed via social media channels, it’s hard to get your blog posts and business in front of the right audience. And, who is your audience when you’re just getting started, you’re probably wondering? The people who are asking for your expertise. Start your newsletter list small by including a few friends and supportive family members to get your feet wet. Ask them to pass it along to anyone they know who might be interested in the content you’re providing.


When someone signs up for your newsletter (we’ll share more on how to set that up below), they are giving you permission to hang out in their inbox because they want to know more about you and what you do. Your newsletter audience might be smaller than, for example, the audience a Facebook Ad’s would generate, but it’s guaranteed to be a more engaged audience. By showing up in their inbox regularly with valuable content, potential client’s will get to know you and your personality, a critical part of what has someone trust you enough to let you into their wardrobe and their world.


How to Get Started

Start small by adding an email opt-in link on your facebook page if you don’t have a website, either personal or professional will work when you’re getting started. To learn how to do set up a newsletter opt-in on Facebook, use this tutorial from Mailchimp. You can use the link from your opt-in in other places online to grow and connect with your audience including: the signature portion of your email, the bio sections of your social media accounts, and your website landing page if you haven’t developed a full website just yet.


We highly recommend MailChimp, but any newsletter service that allows you to get started for free is what we recommend. Want to learn more? Our Curious Program walks you through how to test and market a small-scale personal styling business. Find out more here.

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