Client Intake Forms Help Your Business Fly

October 7, 2015


We're getting down to business with our newest Committed Program members, and we couldn't be more excited about it. One of the first topics we cover is how to create a positive experience for your clients from their very first interaction with you and your business. Reaching out to a personal stylist is exciting for some clients and for other clients it can be a little nerve-wracking. We highly suggest creating a process that outlines how you'll interact with new clients to create a supportive, open, and exciting atmosphere around the styling experience from the start to finish. The most important part of this process is the client intake form. Here’s what creating a strong client intake form can do for both you and your client.


Save You Both Time

Creating a system that allows you to get all the critical details you need to do your job well instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with each client is the most critical purpose of your client intake form. Your form should ask questions that range from their preferred way to communicate (phone vs. email), all of their size information, and questions about their lifestyle. Having important information in front of you before you get on your first call with a new client, helps you focus on creating a good rapport with them from the start. It focuses your first call so you can answer any questions the client may have about your process. Capturing all of this important information in one place ensures that you don’t waste your client’s valuable time asking for their sizes more than once. It also helps you easily keep track of and access important information on demand when preparing for your client.


Create Mutual Understanding Quickly

Putting a process in place that helps both you and your client get on the same page quickly is critical because it builds trust. Probably the most common objective a client comes to a personal stylist with is wanting to look more “put together”. You don’t have to work with that many new clients before you discover that looking “put together” means something different to each and every client. Your intake form is the place to have your client spell out for you what they hope to achieve out of the styling experience and what vague descriptive terms like “looking put together” actually means to them. Gaining clarity about what your client hopes to gain out of working with means that you can tailor the styling experience to their individual needs.


Makes You Look Like A Pro

Having a series of clearly defined steps that you take your client through throughout the styling process, from your very first interaction to your last, makes you look exceptionally professional. It also allows you to shine as the expert, showing that you’ve put real thought and time into how you conduct your business. When someone reaches out to you for personal styling, they can be unsure at first. By witnessing your process, your client will feel more confident that you’re the expert and fully in control of your process.

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