3 Lifestyle Professionals Every Personal Stylist Should Have In Her Network

October 28, 2015


Creating a referral network with other professionals in similar fields is a critical tool to help you grow your business. While you never know where your next client can come from, here are the top three referral sources our stylists report getting new clients from (not including their existing clients). Developing relationships with other business owners who work in related personal service fields is a great way to provide more resources to your current clients as well as attract new ones.

Life Coaches

When someone reaches out to work with a life coach they are in a very similar place as a personal styling client is when they are ready to work with you. A client committed to working with a life coach is looking to make lasting changes and is typically in a great place to then make changes in their wardrobe that reflect the inner work they've done with a coach. Also, many clients looking to work with a personal stylist come to us because they are dealing with or approaching a life milestone that a life coach can help with on an even deeper level. Making relationships with other like-minded coaches in your area is a great way to build a mutual referral network that your clients will benefit from greatly.


Hair Stylists & Colorists

This one might seem obvious, but one thing that we see many personal stylists missing when attempting to connect and network with beauty professionals in their area is that it’s critical to get a sense of whether you have the same market. Do you both serve the same type of client? Is a client who is willing to spend the amount you charge for your personal styling services also willing to spend the same amount over the course of a year (or six months) on their hair? Just like there are lots of personal stylists who serve different markets, there are a lot of hair and beauty professionals who serve clients in a wide array of target markets as well. The key to making this professional relationship mutually beneficial is to be sure you both serve a client with a similar lifestyle.


Professional Home and Office Organizers

Some personal stylists offer closet organization as a part of their services menu. If you decide to include closet organization in your services, it’s still important to remember that your client may also be looking to get organized in other areas of their lives after hiring you. If you aren’t interested in delving deep into closet organization with your clients, having an organizing professional that you trust with your clients is an amazing resource to share with your clients. Many organizers hear from their clients that they don’t know how to wear what they have in their newly organized wardrobe, so this is another professional relationship that’s a win-win for everyone.

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