3 Ways To Save Time So You Can Grown Your Business

November 3, 2015


Setting aside short blocks of time for tasks that are similar can save you hours better spent working on your bigger business goals. Here are three tasks we recommend setting aside short chunks of time for to save you hours in the long run.


Recycle Your Content

We’re big advocates of creating fresh content for your clients and potential clients, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reuse helpful content again. Why not tweet out last year’s post on seasonally relevant content if you think it would be helpful? Already shared a blog post to Facebook on a topic that your clients are asking about a lot lately? Switch up the image and the caption, use the same link, and hit publish. When we create content, it’s easy to forget that not everyone gets a chance to read it or even remembers it. Content get easily buried on social media sites. Get the most return on the time you invest in creating content by posting several times over a span of a few days, especially to sites like Twitter.


Select Images for All Social Media Content

Who among us isn’t guilty of using social media to zone out?  You should allow yourself social media breaks to interact with others and build community around your business. But sometimes these breaks get in the way of curating and sharing content. By selecting images and writing a few quick captions in advance for the week ahead, you’ll save yourself time scrambling for images when you finally do remember to hop on Instagram or Twitter... for work reasons, of course.


Schedule and Automate Your Social Media

Since you’ve already selected a week’s worth of content to share, take a few extra minutes to schedule it all with an app like Buffer or, another social media management system growing in popularity, Edgar.


We get a lot of questions about whether or not scheduling content seems inauthentic to your audience. There are several views on this and many are valid depending on your business and your audience. At the end of the day, what seems the most inauthentic is not engaging with your community regardless of whether you automate your social media or not. Personally, we think batching and scheduling your posts is a smart way to save you time. Plus, doing so allows you to enjoy your social media breaks, gives you more chances to engage authentically with you audience, and cuts out a lot of time searching for topics to post.

Hop on over to Instagram and share it with us what you do to save time during the week. We love learning new tips for our readers!

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