4 Tips For Successfully Selling Gift Certificates

December 1, 2015


The holidays and gift certificates go together like eggnog and tinsel, right? Yes and no when you’re a personal stylist. Offering gift certificates can be a great way to expand your revenue and keep your calendar booked during slow seasons.


When an established client’s friend or family member wants to hire you for a seasonal update, a gift certificate for more of your styling prowess is sure to be met with delight. Afterall, your client has already experienced your process, prepared themselves to stretch outside of their style comfort zones, and was thrilled with the results. But there’s another scenario you’re likely to encounter during this time of year and to navigate it well, you’re going to need a strategy.


Enter the gift certificate scenario for a brand new client. She opens up your gorgeously designed gift certificate bearing the name of your meticulously designed styling services on Christmas morning. And she has never hear of you. Moreover, she has never considered that she needs or wants a personal stylist. Here’s when things can get a little tricky.


The good news? Preparing the person purchasing a gift certificate for your styling services is your opportunity to not only show you’re an amazing personal stylist but that you’re also a pro business owner. Here are four tips to ensure the recipient of your styling services is excited instead of intimidated to be working with you this year:


Step 1: Help the buyer of your gift certificate articulate why your services are the perfect gift for their loved one.  

Sometimes the person purchasing your services for their wife, mother, or friend doesn’t have the most eloquent explanation for why they think your services are the perfect gift for someone they love. Hop on a quick call with the person purchasing your gift certificate and ask why they think their loved one would benefit from working with a stylist. Listen carefully to their response, explain how your process works, how long it typically takes, and be sure to let them know that working with you is a fun opportunity for their loved one to explore and enhance their personal style. By having a conversation covering these key points with the person gifting your services, you’ll help them explain the benefits of working with you and ensure that the person receiving your services as a gift doesn’t feel like you were hired to “fix” them or help them “get better taste” in clothes. This is your opportunity to empower your client before you begin working together.


Step 2: Add a personal note with your gift certificate.

Introduce yourself and let your future client know you’d love to set up a call to answer any questions she has. This personal touch will encourage the received of your gift certificate to reach out sooner rather than later so you can establish a rapport and get the first consultations on both of your calendars. Once you’re chatting, she’ll see you’re a compassionate and kind professional who is excited to confidently guide her through your process and relieve any doubts she may have about working with a stylist.


Step 3: Set yourself up to avoid refund headaches.

Send the the certificate by mail to the person purchasing your services as a gift and bill them when you and the recipient have set the first date for your consult. This will help you avoid the hassle of refunding the gift certificate if the recipient isn’t ready to work with a stylist yet.


Finally, it’s always a good idea to be sure the terms of your gift certificate, including things like expiration dates and your refund and rescheduling policy are clearly stated on your website, invoices, and receipts.

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