How To Get Over Your Fear of Blogging

December 16, 2015


Staying on top of everything it takes to run a thriving personal styling business is no easy task. That often means some tasks in your business get left by the wayside while you focus on your clients. The first thing that gets left behind most often in our experience? Blogging. Whether it’s because of overwhelm, fear of judgement, or just plain old lack of inspiration, it’s easy to let your blog sit stagnant and watch “write next blog post” fall to the bottom of your to-do list.

The reality is that your blog is a tool for growing your business and it can be a powerful tool if used correctly. When prospective clients visit your site, they want to see that your site is active while getting a glimpse of what they can expect when they take the leap and hire you. Blogging regularly can help boost your SEO (search engine optimization) which leads to higher Google rankings, a critical way that potential clients find and hire you. While blogging is a powerful tool for growing your business but that doesn’t means it has to feel overwhelming and paralyzing. Here’s how to reframe your thoughts about blogging to kick-start your writing.


Keep It In Perspective

If you feel pressure to write something new and exciting -- something that no one has ever said before, you’ll give up before you even open your laptop. So, let’s just throw that idea out the window right now.

The good news is that the purpose of your blog is not to reinvent the sartorial wheel. The purpose of your blog is to demonstrate to someone interested in you and your services that you’re an expert in your field. It’s to show that you are able to speak to their concerns, worries, and curiosities as it relates to discovering and reinventing their personal style. Remember one so-so blog post is not going to break your business. If you write something and it doesn’t come out as well as you hoped, only you know that. What’s critical is that you’re consistently showing your audience that you’re engaged in the work of being a personal stylist.


Start Small

If writing a lot feels intimidating, then you’re in luck. As a personal stylist showing versus telling is often the best method of conveying what you want to get across to your audience. For example, if you want to write a post on the chicest ways to wear white in summer, use photos from around the internet that demonstrate how you’d style a client in summer whites. Write a few sentences explaining what you like about the images you pulled and how others can get the same look. Be sure you always cite the source of your images and provide links back to the original source.


Create a Plan... and Use It

It’s easy to let a lack of inspiration keep you from getting words down on paper. Like all things you try for the first time, if you wait until you feel ready you’ll never start. Keep an editorial calendar and stick with it. At first it will feel forced to write this way. That’s normal and not a sign that you should give up. With time you’ll begin to notice that inspiration comes with consistency. If you start small and write on topics that your client’s have already shown an interest in, you can feel confident that others will want to read about these same topics too. If you create a manageable plan and stick to it, even when you don’t necessarily feel like it, after a few blog posts, you’re sense of accomplishment will drive your desire to write more.

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