Client Scenarios: Help Your Client Stay on Budget

December 9, 2015


Discussing money with your client, whether it’s about getting paid or their wardrobe budget, can be uncomfortable. Discussing your client’s budget with them early and regularly throughout your shopping consult will set both of you up for a successful styling experience. Here are a few tips for helping your client stay on budget during your shopping session.


Find Out Your Client’s Budget Before Working Together

You should ask your client what their shopping budget is at the same time you get all of the other information you need to work with a new client. This will allow you to get a sense of how much or how little of a change your client is looking for or is able to afford when they contact you.  


Set your Client Up For Shopping Success

After you do the sort (or closet edit) portion of your service, it’s not uncommon for a client’s budget to change as they get a better sense of what’s missing from their closet. If, for example, your client wants a full work wardrobe for $500 and you took out bags and bags of clothes from your closet edit, leaving them with only a few things in their closet, you need to let your client know how far $500 will realistically get her. The next step, once you’ve set expectations about what’s possible with your client’s budget, is to set her up for success by taking her to shop at stores that work within her budget and have the pieces she needs to build a cohesive wardrobe.


Have A System In Place Before You Hit The Register

After your client has tried everything on, create a pile of "yes" items that they want to purchase. Before you leave the dressing room to hit the cash register, quickly go over each item in the pile and the cost. If a piece is particularly expensive, say half of your client’s budget, be sure to point that out and let them decide if it’s a piece they want to invest in. If they are unsure, remind them they can always leave the tags on the garment and make their final decision during their style session.

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