Why Knowing Your Ideal Client Should Drive All Your Business Decisions in 2016

January 6, 2016



We’re gearing up to begin the first Committed Program of 2016 here at The Paid Stylist, and this month we're focusing on the importance of narrowing down and focusing in on your ideal client.  Here’s why: the #1 reason cited by applicants to our program for becoming a personal stylist is that they want to help “everyone” feel confident using style as a tool. To be a successful personal stylist helping inspire confidence in others should be a key source of motivation for you. We’ll never argue with that. However, that motivation alone is not enough to grow and sustain a thriving business in the coming year and beyond.


Without a clear sense of who your target market or ideal client is, you are likely to look back at all the effort you put into your business in 2016 and wonder why you didn’t hit the financial goals you created and how you could have better spent your time and resources.


Gaining clarity around who your ideal client is is the foundation of your business and will take a lot of the guesswork out of what your next move should be to grow business. Examples of the types of decision that become easier when you know your ideal client include: knowing how to price your services successfully, figuring out where and how to market your business on social media, and what topics you should write about on your blog and in your newsletters.


The woman or man (or both) who you enjoy working with most as a personal stylist, and who most enjoys working with you, don’t view themselves as “everyone”. They view themselves as an individual with unique challenges and concerns. And they are. Be sure to take a minute whenever you create content--from blog posts to descriptions of your styling services-- to ensure you’re speaking to your ideal client’s specific styling needs. Your clients happy faces and your business bottom line will thank you.


Want to learn how to identify and market to your ideal client in 2016? We can help.



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