How To Write About Copy That Attracts Your Dream Clients

March 16, 2016


We communicate with potential clients before ever meeting in so many ways: from our websites to our social media accounts, to how our current clients refer us to potential clients. This week we’re tackling a critical point of potential client communication: your website's About Page.


If we step back and look across industries, the About Page is the most visited page on any organization's website. And that makes perfect sense: a potential client wants to get to know a little about you to discern whether you can help them with their wardrobe challenges before committing to hiring you. Your About Page should concisely tell anyone visiting your site whether you’re the right stylist for them and what action they should take to find out more about your services. Here are some of our top tips for crafting an About Page to attract your ideal clients.


First and foremost, your About Page must include a photo of you. Potential clients want to see the actual human being they will be letting into their homes and sharing their wardrobes with so don’t skip this step. Be sure to get a professional photo that showcases your personality and, of course, a killer outfit.


Second, your About Page copy should blend information about you, about who you work with, and a brief explanation of why. One of the biggest mistakes we see personal stylists make when writing an About Page is using it as a place to review their resume. You should absolutely include your relevant experience that informs your philosophy and process as a stylist. However, be sure to keep what you share relevant not just to personal styling but specifically to the clientele you want to work with. What about you -- specifically -- and your unique experience makes you the perfect stylist for this potential client? For example, if you’ve worked with celebrity clients in the past but are targeting working women with families your copy must focus on the reasons you love styling working women with families.


Third, your About Page should outline your process. How do you deliver your styling services? Include precise information about how you work with your clients: do you go to their home or do they come to your office? Is there a particular order you always deliver your services in?


And, finally, add a call to action. Invite your reader to get to know you better by reading your blog, signing up for your newsletter, or drop you a line via your contact form.


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