Writing Newsletter Copy Clients Will Connect With

March 23, 2016

With ever-changing social media algorithms (we’re looking at you this month Instagram), it’s easy for your latest blog post, beautifully edited photo, or digital freebie you spent a ton of time creating to get overlooked by your current and potential clients. There is, however, a highly effective way to get your message in front of the people who want to hear what you have to say: newsletters.


Newsletters are one of the most effective means of marketing your business because unlike social media, you always have access to when and how you communicate with your audience. Not only is email not going anywhere it's also where many of us spend a hefty portion our day. While a potential client could miss your latest Facebook post in their feed, your newsletter is guaranteed to get delivered to their inbox, increasing the likelihood that it will be read.


The biggest problem we hear about newsletters? Getting motivated to write them. And, we can relate to that. It can be hard to write your message in a way that feels like you’re making a personal connection with one individual reader when you’re writing for the masses.


Here’s a great trick to make your newsletter feel more personal to each member of your audience: write your newsletter copy with a specific person in mind. Think of your favorite client, your best friend, anyone you know who would be interested in learning more about the topic you’re writing about. Then, write your newsletter as though you are having a one-on-one conversation with that person. You can even start your rough draft with their name at the top if it helps keep them in the forefront of your mind as you write.


Why does focusing on just one person ease the struggle of writing your newsletter copy? Well, when you think of writing to a group of people knowing how to be specific can be tough because you're thinking about writing to please everyone's unique needs. But when we’re talking one-on-one about a topic and we're both immersed in the conversation, the relationship and the words flow much more easily, making it likely that you'll share interesting details that engage your listener (or in this case, your reader). By imagining speaking to just one person -- your favorite client, for example -- your writing will read as less generic, and your personality will be reflected in your message. Feeling a connection with you is exactly what your audience is hoping for -- that's why they opted into your newsletter list to begin with.


So, the only question left is: who will you be writing your next newsletter to this month?


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