Is Your Website Missing These 3 Must Haves?

March 30, 2016

This week we’re sharing the three things your website must have to help streamline communication with your prospective clients and to help them better get to know you and your styling process. Making these three things easy to find on your site will cut down on answering questions by email, ensure people who are looking for your services have an easy way to reach you, and help a new client decide if you’re a good fit for their personal styling goals.


Contact Form

Clients and prospective partners should know how to get in touch with you from the moment they land on your homepage. Don’t bury your contact information in your About Page, FAQ, or the footer of the website.  Create a separate page on your site with a contact form that can be accessed from your website’s navigation bar at top. Be sure to include an email address in case potential retail partners or clients want to reach you using email instead of your contact form.


Testimonials Page

Testimonials are social proof that other people just like your prospective client have used your service and achieved amazing results. Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea that you need a ton of testimonials to make an impact. We recommend having one strong testimonial for each of the main styling services you provide. There are several ways to get high-quality testimonials from your clients from interviewing them by phone to creating a brief questionnaire. We’ll be diving into testimonials more in an upcoming post but, just to get you started, try asking one or two of your favorite clients what they loved most about your process and working together.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is easy to overlook when you’re creating your website. The FAQ Page should answer the most commonly asked questions a new client might have on an initial consultation call. A thorough FAQ page can help prospective clients feel confident that they are working with an experienced professional who understands the unique concerns of someone looking to hire a personal stylist. This page can also help eliminate awkward conversations around issues we’ve covered here before like how you receive payment for your services, your cancellation policy, and gift certificate redemption guidelines.


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