Marketing & Advertising: Understanding The Difference

April 6, 2016



Understanding the difference between marketing and advertising can help you see how and where you should spend your two most critical resources when you’re building your styling business: time and money.


Marketing is the broad and strategic plan that a business creates to connect the service they're offering to the consumer who is the best fit for that service. Marketing is a multi-step plan for explaining what you do to who you do it for. This plan should include everything from knowing your target audience, how you write your website copy to attract that audience, how you use your social media accounts to engage and educate your potential clients, and what types of blog posts you create for your ideal clients to read.


Advertising falls under the umbrella of your marketing plan. Advertising is the paid promotion of your business. The most typical example of advertising in big business is commercials on tv or print ads in magazines. In both instances, a company is paying another party for exposure to a wider audience that may buy their product or service. To get the most for your advertising money, you have to do the research necessary to create a marketing plan first.


Having a solid marketing plan will also help you think about what opportunities you want to say yes to when it comes to offering your services for free. An example of this dilemma is when you’re trying to decide if you should donate a gift certificate for your styling services to a charity auction or event. When you have a marketing plan in place, you’ll be able to see easily if the opportunity is in alignment with your target market, avoiding the inevitable exhaustion that results from saying yes to every request to donate your time that lands in your inbox.


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