Should You Discount Your Styling Services?

November 11, 2016


How often do you consider discounting your services to attract a new client?


We’re guessing pretty often if you’re like so many aspiring and established personal stylists we work with in our programs. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to sweeten your client’s styling experience, we advise personal stylists to be selective when offering discounts. In order to be strategic, it’s helpful to understand the difference between a discount and a promotion so you can decide which is right for your business marketing goals.


We’re all very familiar with discounts in our line of work, so it’s easy to assume that all promotions are the same as a discount. That’s not always the case. A reduction in the regular price of a service or product is just one type of promotion. The goal of a discount is to enhance short-term sales. There are different types of promotions, and many have a broader aim than achieving a one-time sale.


Promotions exist to draw customer awareness to a product or service by differentiating it from others in the market. One effective means of expanding awareness of your brand is by partnering with another local business that has like-minded clients and adding their product or service to your styling service when they hire you. This type of promotion is a win-win for you and another local independent business.


A helpful tip to remember when offering a discount or another type of promotion is that both should be limited in time. By limiting how long an offer is available you can track how effective your promotion is at attracting new clients and engaging your established clients because you’ll be able to see if your promotion sells quickly.


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