Two Marketing Trends That Will Boost Website Traffic

April 26, 2016



It doesn’t take long in the life of a business owner to discover that marketing your business to reach the right clients is an ever-evolving process. Last week our Marketing & Events Manager, Constance Turman, shared some great tips for stylists looking to expand their marketing reach including being sure your website is mobile responsive. This week we’re touching on two other marketing trends that are particularly relevant to personal stylists looking to reach new clients and help anyone researching a personal stylist in your area find you.


If you haven’t had been able to boost your website’s SEO due to a tight budget, the great news is that social networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn have expanded their search capabilities. Increased search capabilities mean it’s easier than ever to send quality traffic back to your website for free.  More often than not, creating pins that stand out with links back to you website or Facebook content your potential clients are eager to read and engage with only costs you a little bit of time. Even running ads that reach a very specific target market costs significantly less than a substantial SEO overhaul.


Video has also become integrated into search engine results which mean you can now create content to share with your social media audience faster than it takes to write a blog post or draft a newsletter.  Periscope and Facebook Video allow personal stylists to remove many of the barriers that get in the way of a potential client from hiring you. A quick video can highlight your unique style, give people a sense of your personality, and you share some of your best styling tips and tricks all while expanding your brand reach for free.


What's the fastest way for your video content found online? Create short videos related to top keywords that are heavily searched during the current retail season using the Google Keyword Planner. Use those specific keywords in the title of your video and someone searching for just that piece of styling wisdom will find you (and your business) in no time.


Have you used video to advertise your personal styling business? We’d love to hear how it went!

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