How To Pick The Right Social Media For Your Business

May 4, 2016


When you’re wearing all of the hats it takes to run a business, picking one or two social platforms to focus on can help you get the most return for your limited time.  Social media can help you connect with other business owners, engage with your ideal client, and track your marketing efforts using analytics without ever leaving the house. The odds are pretty good that whoever you’re trying to reach is on at least one of the most popular social media sites because  75% of all internet users use social media. This week we’re sharing how to identify the best social media platforms to grow your business.


You don’t need to know every detail about your ideal client in order to make a good guess about where they hang out online. Knowing basics like their gender, age, and education level will go a long way towards helping you reaching them. Resources like reports from the Pew Center for Research can help you identify which platforms the audience you want to engage with is on. For example, if you are looking to reach women who are 27-45 who are college educated you probably want to find out where women in this age range tend to spend their time online. Since the average user on Instagram tends to be younger and Twitter tends to attract a higher percentage of men, you can confidently test your online marketing plan using Facebook and Pinterest first.


Once you start to reach your target market on two platforms, you can use the analytics on those networks to create content for all social media outlets you use to promote your business. Pinterest business accounts are a great example of the detailed analytic capabilities available within a social network. Using analytics can help you determine exactly which types of content your audience interacts with most. By duplicating that type of content, you can quickly reach more people with your ideal client profile.


Finally, collaborating on an event, a photoshoot, or referring your clients to other well qualified expert is much easier to do with the growth of social media. It’s easy to find other like-minded creatives online who work in complementary fields in your area such as hair stylists and makeup artists using Instagram. Sharing and promoting each other's work is a great way to connect your clients to one another and grow both of your businesses faster.


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