Getting A Reply To Your Styling Internship Inquiry

June 23, 2016


Getting experience in personal styling can seem daunting. Deciding if you’re willing to take on the highs and lows of entrepreneurship before you’ve styled a client doesn’t make sense. We get it.  That’s why we highly encourage budding stylists looking to explore the field to seek out an internship to gain experience. After chatting with several alumni recently, we noticed that aspiring stylists seeking internship opportunities weren't always as successful as they could be. Today we’re sharing our best advice for getting a reply to your internship inquiry email.


Lighten Her Load

Independent personal stylists are business owners first and foremost so to get their attention you need to make a great impression right off the bat.  The best way to stand out is to be sure that you’re always looking for ways to make their lives easier as business owners. What task could you help with when you’re not working with clients that would add value to their business? There’s a lot more that goes into being a personal stylist than shopping and closet edits. Asking about and suggesting ways you can contribute to a stylist's business will help you go far when you’re looking to secure an internship.


Study Her Style Philosophy

Before you contact a stylist in your area, take the time to get to know the stylist you want to work with by reading their website thoroughly and looking at their social media accounts. Your goal should be to be able to say something substantive about their styling philosophy, a project they worked on, or a blog post they recently wrote that resonated with you. Be sure you have a clear sense of why you want to work with this person when you reach out.


Old School Is New School

Speaking of reaching out, sure, it’s fast and easy to fill out the contact form on a stylist’s website, but that doesn’t mean it will be a successful approach to landing an interview. Similarly, don’t send them a direct message on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Take the time to find out their email address. If their email is not listed on their website, check all their social media platforms to see if their preferred method of contact is listed. Write a proper cover letter (or the equivalent in the body of your email) explaining why you’re interested in working with them. Always attach a copy of your resume so they can see what professional experience you have. Be specific in your cover letter or introductory email about how the experience from your past could make a positive contribution to their business.


It's Always About The Client

Last, remember that you’re asking for the opportunity to be invited into the world of someone’s clients. By taking the time to research and articulate what attracted you to the stylist you want to learn from, you’re showing that you respect them and their business. That’s always a great way to stand out. Good luck!


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