What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Business

June 29, 2016



The process of starting a business, like all big life undertakings, will always come with some hard-won lessons. Of course, some lessons need to be learned firsthand.  But others can be learned from watching others and save you years of time and a lot of money when you're growing your business. This week we're sharing the answers to the top three questions established personal stylists wish they had known before they started a business. Here’s to avoiding some major headaches while building your style empire.


How Do I Get My Pricing Right?

Let’s dive in with the most common mistake personal stylists come to us wishing they had straightened out before they started accepting clients: pricing. Restoring a healthy financial foundation in an established business is often about changing the perception that giving more time for less money during a styling consult results in more value for a client. The truth is that clients that are willing to pay for high-quality personal styling services appreciate the amount of time working with an expert saves them. Adding additional time to styling packages is often perceived as a negative to a busy client even if you give them that extra time for free. Being more efficient with your time before, during, and after a styling consult is one of the most valuable (and profitable) customer happiness tips a stylist can integrate into their business.


Wait, I’m A Stylist AND A Marketer Now?

Next up is learning how to market your business. Marketing yourself and your business can be uncomfortable at first but getting comfortable with it sooner rather than later will make a world of difference to the success of your business. A valuable mindset shift we’ve seen reluctant marketers adopt to make significant strides in their business is to look at their marketing efforts as a way to give away valuable advice to their future clients for free. The differences between seeing your marketing efforts as helping potential clients versus selling to them is one that has helped many stylepreneurs get out of their shell and start posting with greater frequency across their social media channels.


What  Tools Do I Need To Run A Business?

Finally, knowing when and how to invest in your business can stump any new entrepreneur. Even trying to figure out where to invest as little as $10 a month to help you run your business more efficiently can be overwhelming. If you’re looking to begin somewhere, we highly recommend starting with getting paid by your client online. This easy step will save your client from having to remember to run to the ATM or bring a check to their shopping appointment with you. A great rule of thumb for deciding when and how to invest in your business is to ask yourself if implementing a new tool into your business will make your clients lives easier when working with you.


Want to learn exactly which tools we think every personal stylists should implement into their style enterprise? Great, because we’re opening up the vault and sharing ten years worth of business secrets in our upcoming webinar: Solid Business. Happy Stylist on July 7th. It's free! Sign up here.



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