Ready to Walk Away From Personal Styling?

July 6, 2016



One of the topics we get asked about a lot is what to do during a business lull. When new client inquiries are slow to roll in (we’re looking at you summer), it’s easy to wonder why you committed yourself to this career path in the first place. It’s hard to go through a period when days stretch out without styling appointments to help structure them. While this is a tough (and incredibly normal) space to be in as an entrepreneur, it’s important to learn how to manage your mind and your business during inevitable slow seasons. So go ahead: Freak out. Cry. Panic. Do all of it. Then, read this and begin preparing for your next client success story.


Remember Your Past Wins

Having a solid support network when you're an entrepreneur is vital to success. It’s important to have people you trust around not just when times are good, and you need someone to grab a celebratory drink with but when times are slow, and doubts begin to creep in. It’s invaluable to have one or two people in your life who will remind you how far you’ve come and of your past successes. For moments when you need a quick pick-me-up to motivate you to take action, keep a file on your computer or a few pages in a notebook that capture your career successes. Include kick-ass testimonials from past clients, and any other highlights from your personal styling journey that will encourage you to keep going when things get slow.


Get Some Perspective

While it’s important to pay attention to what may have caused this client lull, it’s also important to notice if there's a seasonal pattern emerging in your business. Ideally, you'd have a solid book of business to keep your busy every week, but the truth is that clients get busy, go on vacation, find themselves tied up with the stress of the holidays and styling may simply not be on the top of their list. That’s okay. If you look at your past income and notice that some months are slower than others, you can begin to plan for the slower times. It’s hard to grow your business while working with clients so use slower periods as a time to plan what types of partnerships you want to create to expand your business. Could you use this time to brush up on your styling or entrepreneurial skills, get some glowing testimonials from recent clients or  freshen up your website? Using slower times to grow your business means you can dive right back into busy stretches with more confidence.


Take Action

Feeling stick during a lull in business is natural. Drumming up the energy to take a small step when you feel dejected is hard. But action begets more action so taking even a small step in a positive direction can make a big difference. One of the best ways to get motivated is to think about how you can provide value even when you’re not working with clients face to face. Is there a way to give away content that educates potential clients through revamping your social media plan? Taking the next right step for your business will help you regain your confidence and your styling mojo.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business during slow periods is to streamline the systems that make your business run smoothly. On July 7th, we’ll be sharing our top secrets for running a super efficient personal styling business during our Solid Business. Happy Stylist Webinar. Get all the details here.


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