Why Copying Other Stylists' Services Isn’t The Answer

July 12, 2016


We know it’s hard to figure out a pricing and service menu when you’re getting your business up and running. We're guessing that's why we've noticed an increase in personal stylists taking entire pages of copy from other personal stylists websites and calling it their own.  Not only is that plagiarism (not a good look), it’s also an unwise business practice.


We’ll be the first to admit that the Sort, Shop, and Style is a simple-seeming process to incorporate into your business but there are a few reasons why adding our signature service to your website without being trained first is bad for business.


Your Client’s Experience Needs To Come First

The Sort, Shop, and Style isn't just a clever name. It's a styling process backed by a set of systems created after years of examining client scenarios. As personal stylists, it’s crucial to consider your client's needs first so you can delight them at every stage of their styling experience. One of the most valuable aspects of our training is that we discuss the psychological mindset of a potential client at each point in the Sort, Shop, and Style process. Understanding the emotional space your client may be in at each stage helps you deliver an efficient styling service and helps your client achieve the long-term mindset shift necessary to transform their personal style.


Your Pricing Needs to Be Right & Tight

When you copy styling services, you leave out a critical step to becoming successful in your market. Your prices speak to your clients before you ever do, and they should always let your ideal client know that you’re right for them. Pricing a styling service isn’t just about dangling the best deal in front of a potential client with the hope they’ll buy it. It’s about offering a set of services that work together to create solutions that serve your ideal client at different stages in their styling journey. Without doing the work it takes to understand your clients and your market before you price your services it’s impossible to know how to come up with the right value so you can reach more clients and grow your business.


Your Process Needs To Be On Point

Our programs teach how and when to set appropriate client expectations throughout the Sort, Shop, and Style process, and the exact client touch points to help a client feel supported during their styling consultation. When these are executed in the correct steps, a one-time happy client becomes a repeat client. These are pieces of the styling puzzle that took us years to perfect and love to share with members of our programs because we believe every client deserves this level of service when they invest in a personal stylist.

We understand that it’s not easy to be out there doing it for yourself. While you don’t need to take the hardest path possible, you do need to put in the work it takes to build a service menu that attracts clients and helps you to build a profitable and sustainable business. The Paid Stylist exists to expand the opportunities for ALL personal stylists, and we wholeheartedly believe that if one of us succeeds, all of us do. Raising the industry standard and doing the work with integrity is good for everyone's bottom line.


Sign up for our upcoming Committed Program and learn how to properly execute the Sort, Shop, and Style. Enrollment deadline is Sunday, July 31. 

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