Alumni Spotlight: Natalie Tincher

July 20, 2016


This week we’re chatting with a Committed Program alumni, Natalie Tincher. Natalie’s business, Buttoned Up Style, is based in New York. Today she’s sharing with us why she decided to take her business to the next level with The Paid Stylist, how she  helps her analytical clients invest in their style and her favorite boutiques. Meet Natalie!


What led you to The Paid Stylist?  When did you finish The Paid Stylist program?

I had been in business for five years and was looking for some mentoring and a community who understood this unique business and could provide me with the extra focus and coaching to further refine and focus my business. I was at a plateau and needed to make some adjustments and preparations to help me take things to next level. I finished the program in the fall of 2016.


What did you do before you became a personal stylist?

Before I was a personal stylist, I was a writer and editor.  


What types of clients do you most enjoy working with?

I most enjoy working with business professionals who are ready to up the ante in their personal and professional lives and who understand the importance of personal branding and style to accomplish their goals. These clients provide me with the opportunity to really "dig deep" and create a streamlined wardrobe that helps them project their personal brand.


Has the type of client you work best with changed over time?

As I've been in business, I feel my clients have evolved with my expertise. I used to get more young professionals who needed to fill their closets with "grown-up clothes." Now, as I am looking to take my business to the level so are my clients when it comes to their own lives and careers.


Where in your city is your favorite place to shop with clients? Any hidden gems you'd like to share?

New York is a treasure trove of great spots! When I need to fill in a lot of pieces, I prefer Soho for variety. Some of my one-off favorite boutiques are BOC on the Upper Westside and Darling in the West Village. I also recently moved to Brooklyn and LOVE the plethora of unique boutiques there.


What’s your styling philosophy?

I have a rule that my clients can only buy an item if I hear the word "love" or "amazing" or see them light up when they put it on. Even if it's a basic, they need to feel great in it.


I also like to reinforce the idea of "Cost Per Wear"--or C-P-Dubs, as I like to call it--when we are determining which pieces are worth splurging on and vice versa. Clients need to think of their wardrobe as a long-term investment, and laying it out in a concrete and analytical way can help a lot of my left-brained clients feel good about spending money on quality pieces that may cost a bit more than they are used to.


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