How To Avoid Business Burnout

August 3, 2016


We’re all about the smart hustle around here, but we’re also big fans of quality rest. This month we’re touching on the most important (and often most neglected) aspects of being a stylepreneur: self-care.


Give Your Brain A Break

Lots of entrepreneurs think of self-care as eating well and exercising. Both are super important and help with managing stress. But, part of working for yourself means that your mind tends to go in a million different directions. Having an outlet outside of diet and exercise to help your brain relax and recharge is critical. Your best ideas can come when you give your mind a little space to wander and decompress. Reading, changing your surroundings by grabbing a coffee or lunch or flipping through a magazine can take your mind off work and give your brain a chance to recharge. You might be surprised how quickly topics for your blog spring to mind when you’re not staring at your computer screen.



Networking is one way of beating the isolation of being an entrepreneur. But when you’re networking for work there’s a lot of pressure to be “on”. We encourage stylists who feel the pressure of always spending their downtime networking to branch out and mix it up once in a while. Plan ahead and schedule time with the people in your life who recharge you but might not be able to help you out when it comes to growing your business. Having a life outside of your business is critical and a key part of self-care. After all, one of the perks of being your own boss is being able to meet a great friend for a leisurely lunch when the mood strikes.


Create A Routine

We’re not going to lie. Creating (and sticking) to a routine when business is busy is not easy when you're a personal stylist. Developing a routine during quieter business months makes it easier to adjust that routine when things get busy again. Sticking with even a partial routine allows your brain to relax when you perform routine tasks. If you’re reinventing your schedule every single day, it can lead to burnout and feeling scattered. So, book that workout class and a few other blocks of time to do routine tasks in your business and try to stick to it for a few weeks to see how it feels.

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