Why You Need A Vacation

August 10, 2016


The end of summer is fast approaching, and if you haven’t prioritized some time away from your business to decompress, we’re here to tell you it's time to make it a priority. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “vacations have been shown to lead to significantly higher performance upon return to the job.” We know it’s hard to get away for a week (or more) but without understanding exactly why it's necessary it can be tough to feel motivated to make the time. Here are our top three reasons why you should sneak in a last minute vacation this summer.


Weekends Won’t Cut It

It takes at least three days for people to disconnect and go into “vacation mode”. With the insane amount of technology we’re all connected to 24/7, it can take even longer for our brains to decompress. If the thought of stepping away from your email for longer than a day is making your palms sweat, then set a daily limit of 20 minutes to check-in on email or any other business related task.


Become A Better Decision Maker

Stress causes the brain to focus in on one thing at a time. This intense focus is often a detriment to our greater problem-solving efforts. Making a decision about something when we’re under a lot of stress can prevent us from seeing connections between things or seeking out better courses of action that aren’t immediately in front of us.  Unplugging from work can help us think about our business in a fresh way. The key here is to think about your business, without work on your business. As a recent article in from the website All Business put it: “Vacation can help you realize which fights are worth fighting and which things need to be let go.”


Cultivate New Connection

We don’t just make connections between ideas better when we’re relaxed. We do a better job making connections with other people when you’re relaxed. Have you ever noticed how many people you have conversations with when you’re traveling? Even just casual conversations with your seatmate during a quick plane ride have lead to stylists we know gaining a new client or a new speaking opportunity. You never know who you’ll meet while traveling, and since work isn’t your priority on vacation, there’s not pressure to make a business connection where there isn’t one.


We recognize that taking a vacation can be pricey and that not everyone is in a position to spend a chunk of money to get away.  Even if you can’t leave your own city or town, a staycation right where you are can have the same benefits. Just be sure to plan ahead and get out of your familiar environment for three days or more.


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