Why Hiring Help Grows Your Bottom Line

August 17, 2016


With the busiest time of year for personal stylists right around the corner, we want to help you start thinking of strategies to have your most profitable fall yet. Whether you’re hustling full-time or working a 9-5 and styling on the side, one of the smartest business investments we see stylists overlooking is hiring help. We totally understand what it’s like to be strapped for cash when you’re just starting out (or trying to take your business to the next level) but this week we want to encourage you to look for even smalls amounts you can put towards getting a little extra help. Spending even $50 a month to have aspects of your business that aren’t your strength done well can help you earn double by focusing on getting more work done that you do enjoy.


Start Small


When you’re an entrepreneur responsible for all of the tasks involved in running a business, it can be hard to figure out what to delegate. Our best tip is to look at your to-do list and pay attention to those tasks that keep getting pushed to the following week. Are those non-styling related tasks you can hire someone to do for even just two hours a month? Have you been putting off updating your website? That’s what Fiver’s for. Need someone to research content for upcoming blog posts? Try reaching out to a local college with a fashion program to advertise for some editorial help on a per hour basis. Need to clean up the behind the scenes administrative tasks you never get to? Virtual assistants don’t run as much as you might think and some services, like Fancy Hands, allow you to pay as little as $25 for five tasks. When you start to look at all of the possibilities available, five or more hours of work for you could be taken care of for less than the cost of a nice dinner out.


Don’t Forget That Your Business And Life Overlap


One of the perks of being a personal stylist is that you don’t need an office which means many of us work from home. The environment we work in all day has a huge impact on our mindset and the amount of work we get done. That’s why we highly encourage personal stylists who are feeling overwhelmed to look into getting help in areas that, at first glance, aren’t directly related to their business. Hiring someone to clean your home, getting groceries delivered or setting aside some cash to hire a babysitter may not be items you can write off in your business. But each one does contribute to being more productive and, in turn, improves your bottom line.


Getting in the habit of hiring someone that’s better than us at a task frees up our time and peace of mind and trains us to see our own time as valuable.

This week we want to know what you’re ready to delegate in your business or life? Share it with us over on Instagram.

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