How To Practice Self-Care When You’re Busy

August 24, 2016


Self-care can sometimes feel like one more thing we “need” to fit into our busy schedules. And, that just makes us feel even more stressed out. While a relaxing afternoon spa trip always sounds great, we know that’s not always realistic. Bookmark these three resources when life gets busy and you need to decompress.


Keep Moving When You Can’t Exercise

Lots of personal stylists get into this business because shopping is their cardio (or at least that’s what Instagram tells us). But being on your feet shopping for hours can cause lots of tension in your body. Finding ways to stretch tight muscles or just remembering to get up from your computer when you’re busy getting lookbooks out the door isn’t easy. That’s where Healthy Moving comes in. is a genius resource started by Jen Hoffman. She’s a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (CPT-RES™) and Registered Yoga Teacher who has made it her mission to help busy women (and men) weave movement back into their day without the pressure of blocking off hours of time to exercise. Jen also has a great podcast full of short but helpful tips on topics like body image, mindfulness and new ways to think about health.


Bring The Spa To You

All too often it’s the additional time it takes to commute somewhere that keeps us from engaging in self-care in the first place. With new in-home health and beauty services springing up all the time, a long commute isn't an excuse anymore. One of our favorite in-home treats is Zeel Massage which offers in-home (or in office or hotel) messages in 60, 75 and 90-minute increments. There are lots of options allowing the client to customize their massage and the price is pretty reasonable (massages start at $100 for one hour). After a long week of styling appointments, this might be exactly what you need to release that tension in your shoulders and arms from lugging clothes to and from dressing rooms. Bonus: Zeel gift certificates also makes a great gift for clients!


Meditate On The Go

The idea that everyone should meditate once a day has become as common as taking a multivitamin. It’s not always easy to know where to start but if you’re looking to test the waters, try a guided meditation app like Calm. Calm is simple to use and features over 25 guided meditation session that are just a few minutes to 20 minutes long. With over 25 soothing sounds available on demand, Calm is also a pretty convenient sleep aid. Because dreaming of the ocean totally counts as self-care.


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