Self Care Tips from Our Founder & CEO, Michelle Rodriguez

August 31, 2016


This week we’re getting tips from our CEO and founder, Michelle Rodriguez on how she balances family, health, and a growing business. We think you’ll want to try all of her tips sooner rather than later. Enjoy!


Self-care. While it sounds amazing, I really struggle with it. Mainly because it forces me to stop doing what I love to do most -- be with my family and work on The Paid Stylist.  However, I’ve come to learn (the hard way) that when all my focus is on those two areas and I spend zero time taking care of myself, my creativity is stumped, productivity lags, and I have a closet with nothing to wear (the irony, right?). Here are my go-to, self-care routines I’ve learned to integrate into my life in order to take care of my family, business, and style.


20 Minutes of Cardio

Most days are slammed with project planning and deliverables, meetings, and after school activities. To keep overwhelm in check, I do a fierce sprint / walk scenario around the neighborhood or a Plyometrics workout through the SWORKIT app in our backyard. I’ve found that breaking away from a phone or computer for a 20 minute cardio session goes a long way in clearing my mind and boosting my energy.


Stack Monthly Appointments

The thought of multiple appointments throughout the month, during the week and especially in the middle of the day is my ultimate nightmare. All of the precious time wasted on driving and sitting without being productive!  Our Committed Mentor, Julia Browning, changed my life when she suggested that I schedule my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and mani-pedi appointments on the same day. Now, instead of dreading all of the things I won’t be able to do on multiple days, I look forward to one day when I get it all done and enjoy the pampering. Total mindset shift!


Make Time To Shop

Shopping for myself is the last thing I ever want to do - not a good look (literally!) when you’re leading a personal styling company.  A few years ago, I made the decision to only buy wardrobe pieces that are incredibly well made and love 100%. While there are many things I adore, sadly the craftsmanship with most of those pieces is miserable. As a result, I owned a wardrobe with a whopping 8 pieces! Yikes! Even on Issey Miyake standards - that’s way too minimal! Now, I either take the time to research and buy a few months before a new season hits.  Or, I hire a personal stylist to help me out.


Take Fridays Off

This was a complete game changer. I started this two years ago when my boys were home for the summer. We called it Field Trip Fridays and it’s stuck. Unless there’s a team meeting, the only agenda item on (most) Fridays are day trips with friends.

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