3 Questions Every New Client Form Needs

September 7, 2016


There’s no excitement quite like landing a new personal styling client. Sometimes, in that excitement, we forget to ask our client about a few of the details that would make doing our job so much easier.  To help you get all of the information you need to do your job well, you need a stellar new client form. A streamlined intake process will keep you, and your client focused.  Try adding these three questions to your existing new client onboarding process to help foster excellent communication.


How Much Is Too Much To Pay Per Piece?

While it's standard to get a budget from a client from the start of a consult, this is not always as a question with a straightforward answer. Sometimes a client who hasn't shopped for a while doesn’t know how much a new in-season wardrobe should cost. Others don’t have financial restrictions, so they say they don’t have a budget. But, even if a client doesn’t have a budget, or doesn't know what their budget should be, everyone has a preference about where they spend their money. Some people prefer to spend more money on coats and boots. Others prioritize their workwear because they have careers that require them to wear a suit. Asking a client how much is too much to spend per a specific piece helps you get a sense of their overall budget and allows you to understand their lifestyle and what they value most without having to ask them outright.


How will you know if your styling services have been a success?

Asking this before the first consult helps a client go into the styling process focused on the outcome of their experience. It also allows you the chance to set appropriate expectations for what lies ahead if necessary. Having the answer to this question from the start means you can check in with them throughout your time together in a specific and meaningful way to be sure you have a happy and satisfied client at the end of their styling journey.


Is There Anything Else You Want Your Stylist To Know?

This one seems simple and maybe even unnecessary, but you’d be surprised by the answers this little question can elicit from clients. Adding this at the end of your intake form gives your client a safe space to tell you how they’re going into the styling process mentally and emotionally. It’s always a good idea to allow a client to give as much feedback as they feel they need. By adding this question to your intake process, you set the stage for your client to know you’re there to listen.


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