Q&A: Should I Launch My Business Before Or After I Move?

September 14, 2016


Reader Question:

I’ve always wanted to start my own personal styling business, but I’m moving to another state in six months. I don’t really want to wait to get started. I’m wondering if I should start my business where I live now or wait until I move. Any advice?


Our Answer:

This is a great question, and it's one we get a lot when applicants are looking to enroll in our programs. Building a business takes a lot of work, so it’s important to take the time to consider how and where to invest before you begin. Launching a website, making retail connections, networking, building up the SEO on your website, and getting your name out in your city or town all take time and money.


Since you are starting your personal styling business from scratch, we recommend waiting until you put down roots in a new place before you launch a complete business with things like a website and a bank account.


Before you get discouraged, that doesn’t mean you can’t start styling before your move. You can use the next six months to gain more experience, learn who your ideal client is, get your styling service delivery method down and begin to think about the type of brand you want to create after you move. When you finally are ready to build a complete business in your new city or town, you’ll be able to make smart investments because you’ll understand the exact market you want to style.  Start styling friends and family for free in exchange for word of mouth referrals. Once you begin getting clients outside of your immediate network, start charging what feels comfortable and begin building up your testimonials from clients. When it's time to launch your website, you'll have plenty of social proof to put clients looking to hire you in your new location at ease.


Wondering how you get started testing out personal styling before building a full blown business? Overwhelmed by trying to figure out your first styling service should be or how to price yourself when you’re still testing out styling? Then our Curious is perfect for you.


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