How To Make Your Website Your Virtual Assistant

September 28, 2016


As our last programs of 2016 finish up, we’re reflecting on what’s essential to keeping a personal styling business running smoothly. When busy season hits, we always wish we had more time and way more help, and we’re guessing we’re not alone. This week we’re sharing our top tips for making your life as a business owner a little bit easier by connecting some easy online tools to your website. All three will help you make your client onboarding process a little easier and cut down on endless client emails (which we always appreciate!).


Getting Paid

Here at TPS we’re big fans and major proponents of getting paid directly from your website. Not every client will feel comfortable booking a styling service without chatting with you first. But, even if you do have to hop on a quick call before a potential client decides to book, all you have to do is send them the link to your service page from your website for them to pay. Add (or have your graphic designer add) a “Book Now” button on your service page and link that button to a PayPal “Pay Now” link. Get all the details on how to create a “Pay Now” link for any or all of your services from the PayPal site here.


Get Your Client’s Info

There are lots of smart reasons to invest some time creating a killer new client form, but we think the most important is that it helps guide the client’s expectations of the styling experience from the beginning. We use Jotform to create new client forms. You can add your logo and colors to create a well-branded experience and--the best part-- it’s free!


Tip: Check out the questions we think every new client form should have before you get started.


Make A Date

You know that painful back and forth that goes on when you’re trying to sync up your schedule with a client’s schedule? Well, you can eliminate all of that by using a calendar plugin on your website or a scheduling service like Acuity. You can also add valuable info to your virtual scheduler to remind clients of things like what to wear to a shopping appointment, to eat a little extra protein before their appointment to keep their energy going, or anything else you want most clients to know before their styling consultation.


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