Why Your Website Needs A FAQ

October 26, 2016


We know that including a Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page on your website isn’t always the most important task that comes to mind when you’re working hard to launch your business. But, we’d argue that having one on your website can make a big difference in how clearly you are able to communicate with your clients and how pro you look to potential clients and partners.


The Purpose Of A FAQ Page

The first, and most obvious, purpose of this page is to answer questions that new or established clients ask regularly in one place. Having an FAQ page on your site can help anyone who is considering hiring you convert to a client faster because they know exactly what to expect from you and your styling services.


The second purpose of an FAQ page, is to begin building a relationship with a potential client before they hire you by positioning yourself as an expert.  By answering the questions we lay out below, you are showing a client that you are a reliable and trustworthy business owner that has your client’s best interest in mind.


What To Include On A FAQ Page

You can include any type of information you want on your website FAQ page but we recommend answering these five questions for sure:


1. How do you accept payment for your styling services?


2. What is your refund and/ or cancellation policy?


3. Is travel included in the cost of your services? (Tip: See our post from earlier this month here)


4. Gift  Certificates: Do you offer them? How can someone looking to buy one get one from you?  What is your refund policy on gift certificates?


5. Who you style: Do you style women and men? Teens?


See! Writing an FAQ page is pretty straightforward and totally worth the effort to help potential clients become paying clients.




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