3 Easy Website Changes That Convert Clients

November 30, 2016


This week we are tackling some specific business website changes that make a big difference in helping attract the right client to your personal styling business. We’ve done quite a few posts on improving personal styling websites (check some of them out below), but this time we want to share some of the little tweaks you can make that don’t fall into broad categories but really do stand out from a client perspective.


Change “We” to “I” In Your Website Copy

Using language like "we" or "us" on your site when there aren't multiple stylists working at your personal styling firm confuses potential clients. If your business has your name in it (ex: Jane Smith, Personal Styling) and you have only one stylist bio on your website (your own),  all of the copy on your website should be in the first person (“I”) or the third person (your name). The word “we” should not appear on your website or your marketing materials.   


Here's why: when a potential client lands on your site and sees your name and your bio, they will naturally think they are hiring just you as their personal stylist. But, if they then read phrases like: “At Jane Smith personal styling, we proudly and passionately style men and women from all walks of life” this conveys a confusing mixed message. By indicating that a client might be dealing with multiple people during the styling process, you are not only falsely advertising; you are asking your client to mentally prepare to work with multiple people when that's not the case.  Personal styling is personal so using language that is impersonal may feel more professional to you as a business owner, but it’s simply confusing from the client perspective. Plus, we’ve seen this get awkward pretty fast when a potential client asks a stylist who else they will be working with during a consultation and there aren’t other stylists integrated into their process. Keep it simple and own your solopreneur status and your brand. You’ll still look legit, we promise.


Advertise Your Location In Multiple Places

Be sure to include where you are located in multiple places on your website. This one seems obvious, but it’s one we see established personal stylists frequently fail to do. Some smart places to include your location are: on your about page, on your FAQ page, and on your contact page as well as the header or footer of your website. Including your city and state will help boost your SEO results so more clients can find you from web searches.


Don't Neglect Your Client In Your Bio

There’s a lot of information circulating about the best way to write a bio (or your “about me” page) so we understand why it can be hard to figure out the best format. One thing that’s often lost but is so important for helping a potential client become a paying one is explicitly relating your experience and expertise as a personal stylist to your client’s needs. For example, writing a bio that talks about how much you’ve loved fashion since childhood isn’t inherently wrong. It simply doesn’t tell your client much about why you’re the right personal stylist for them. It only indicates that you’re likely living your childhood dream which is great but not enough information for someone to feel confident hiring you. Including a unique personal styling philosophy in your bio is one solid option as is describing a particular moment from a past career experience where you instantly knew that you could make a real difference as a personal stylist.


Don’t get discouraged. Bios and about pages aren’t one and done projects. Sometimes you have to work on a few drafts before you get the right tone for your ideal client.


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