3 Easy Ways To Add More Value To Your Styling Services

March 8, 2017


Whether you’re considering increasing the price of your services or looking to create stronger relationships, thinking of new ways to add more value to your client’s lives is a good idea. It might not seem intuitive at first but adding more one-on-one time to your services isn’t always the most effective way to increase the value of your styling consultations. Most people who hire personal stylists are busy, working professionals looking to make the most out of their already limited time.  Adding another hour to a styling service doesn’t necessarily make styling more valuable to them. It makes it one more thing they’re struggling to fit into their schedule.


A great way to increase the value of your services without wearing yourself out is to think of ways to provide your clients with resources that will makes their lives easier. This week we’re sharing three easy ways you can add more value to your clients lives right now.


Create A Trusted Partner's Guide

Compile your favorite self-care and clothing care providers in your area into a branded PDF that you give to each new client you work with. This will not only serve as a handy resource for your clients after your consultation, it’s also a great way to strengthen relationships with local businesses. After a few clients have visited the businesses you regularly recommend, try meeting with them to see if they can offer your clients an exclusive discount on their first visit or service. Even small introductory discounts can create a big win-win for everyone. Your clients will save a little cash and local businesses can incentivize a whole new clientele they might not have reached otherwise.


Share Seasonal Style Guides

Crafting a seasonal style guide for your clients is one way to add value in between styling appointments. If you style a wide range of clients, including a mixture of trends and classic seasonal staples at all price points will allow you to create one resource that appeals to a variety of style sensibilities and budgets. You can also create style guides with more general themes that include valuable tips and tricks that everyone can use regardless of their specific style preferences like a packing guide. The content from your seasonal style guides can also serve as social media and blog post content making sitting down for a few hours worth of work a great investment in marketing your business all season long.


Connect Between Appointments

Spend a little time checking in with established clients each season even if they’re not ready to book with you again.  One easy way to keep the connection with your clients fresh is to send them one or two links to seasonal picks that you think they'll love. Or, let them know if an item they didn't buy during a recent shopping trip goes on sale. Your clients will appreciate you thinking of them in between appointments and feel well taken care of.


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