5 Resolutions for Your Personal Styling Business

January 11, 2017


Happy 2017! We’re excited to kick off the new year by sharing some of our best tips for becoming a better style boss no matter where you are in your styling career. Our team spends a lot of time thinking about how to help our community grow their styling businesses by working smarter instead of harder.  This week we’re sharing the top five resolutions we’ve seen our most successful alumni take on that have resulted in big business growth and some major personal and professional wins.


Take (At Least) One Risk A Month

The only way to take your business to the next level is to take some risks. Taking risks only gets easier if you repeatedly take action until it’s second nature. Most of us avoid putting ourselves out there because we don’t want people to know if we fail. The truth is that nine times out of ten the efforts we consider a “failure” go totally unnoticed by anyone else. The only thing that makes a risk a failure is how you think about it. So, why not look at your past failures as steps that got your closer to learning what will work and keep going?


Schedule A Date With Your Money

The difference between something being a hobby and business is making money. If you don’t track the money you spend and earn in your business, it’s impossible to know what actions to take to earn more. If you’re nervous about looking at your business expenses, set a timer for seven minutes on your phone and start going through your receipts or credit card statement and itemized expenses. Once the timer goes off, challenge yourself to set it again (and again) until you’ve completed one month of tracking your business’s income and expenses.


If you don’t have a personal styling business yet but are exploring starting one, track the money you spend on books, online courses or networking events. The sooner you start getting comfortable tracking money, the faster you’ll start earning it.


Set A Connection Goal

Networking just for the sake of it can feel awkward and forced. Focus your networking efforts and save a lot of time by making a connection goal for the year. Ask yourself what service or retail industry connections might be good sources of referrals for your business (and you for theirs) and make it your goal to build relationships with those people versus having endless coffee dates that don’t have a clear objective.


Get Clear On The Purpose Of Your Social Media

There’s no denying that social media is a powerful, free advertising tool for your styling business. But it’s only powerful if you use it to your advantage. If you already have a styling business, look at the Google analytics on your website to see which social media outlets get you the most referral traffic.  Is it the same place you’re spending all your time? If it’s not, adjust your plan and stick with it for 60 days. Why 60 days? Because that’s about how long it takes to start to see results with consistent engagement.


If you don’t have a business yet, look to see where the type of clients you want to style spend their time online and focus your social media efforts there. Be consistent and in no time you’ll cultivate a following that supports the future of your business growth.


Practice Delegating

If you’re committed to growing your business this year, you’ll need to free up some time to focus on what you do best. If you’re just getting your styling business started (or thinking about it), consider what you might need to give up to carve out some time for tasks that require a block of time like writing blog posts. If you already have a styling business, what’s sucking up all of your time and focus? If it’s business related tasks like expenses or answering emails, look into hiring a virtual assistant for a few hours a week. Don’t forget to look at areas in your life outside of work that might be taking up valuable time like trying to keep your house clean. The key to becoming a total boss of your business is focusing in on what you’re best at so you can grow smarter and delegating the rest. It takes some time to get used to delegating when you run your own business so start small. In six months you’ll be comfortable handing over bigger tasks so you can take on even bigger goals.

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