Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Rose

January 25, 2017


This week we’re delighted to introduce you to Committed alumni, Jackie Rose. Jackie’s been a personal stylist for ten years. When she came to the Paid Stylist she was looking to increase the consistency with which she booked clients, established herself as the go-to style expert in Laguna Beach, California after a series of moves, and  get a better handle on her pricing structure. Today Jackie’s sharing what she’s learned after ten years in business, her styling philosophy, and the motto that keeps her working to build her business through the highs and lows of being a stylepreneur.


Welcome Jackie!


How long had you owned a personal styling business before you came to the Committed Program?

I began styling in 2005. I have been styling for ten years.


What were some of the challenges you were facing in your business that led you to The Paid Stylist?

Inconsistency was the #1 challenge. I was actually contemplating quitting styling altogether at the time, but my family and loved ones encouraged me to preserve and keep going. They told me this was my gift and I should keep going. My challenge at the time was that I had relocated several times in my 20’s, so I had to rebuild and restart all over, gaining new clients all over in each city. I wasn’t working as much as I wanted or needed to. Styling is my passion and I wasn’t being booked or using my gifts, which led to depression. In my ten years as a stylist I had experienced times of great success working with celebrities, brands like Nike and Google, and many personal clients but each time I moved I had to start all over, make new connections and rebrand myself.


What has been the biggest change you've seen in your business since completing the program?

My business has completely taken a 180 degree turn. It is truly thriving again! I have had tremendous breakthrough with my business in Orange County, where I live. Nicole, my mentor in the program, really taught me strategies that I needed and also the benefit of style packages. I had been charging the same hourly rate for 10 years, and now I am booking packages several times a week. I now have structure in how I market my business. I’m thinking not only as a creative stylist who wants to help others feel confident in their image, but also as a businesswoman. The Committed Program and my mentor gave me the motivation and encouragement to keep going and I am thankful everyday I did.



"I now have structure in how I market my business. I’m thinking not only as a creative stylist who wants to help others feel confident in their image, but also as a businesswoman."


Where in your city is your favorite place to shop with clients? Any hidden gems you'd like to share?

I love South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. They have everything from high end designers like Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, department stores like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, and affordable options like  Forever21 and Zara. I also have access to a VIP lounge there where I can take all my clients in private shopping rooms and they can sip champagne and snacks while being styled by me. It’s a complete 5 star shopping experience!


What are your favorite styling tips and/ or tricks?

My styling approach is about so much more than clothes and shopping. We all just want to feel confident and beautiful in who we are, and I want to help others by doing just  that. I have specialized training in body image, and use those skills to help women and men of all shapes and sizes feel truly confident. When a client expresses something they are insecure about, my energy goes into helping them see their beauty, what they love about their body and then putting them in clothes that truly bring out their best.


What has helped me, is really listening to my clients needs, trying to go above and beyond for each person no matter if I‘m working with a celebrity, an athlete or stay at home mom. I try to think a few steps ahead of each appointment and put myself in my client’s shoes. I think having compassion is key to being a good stylist. Clients refer to me as their “fashion best friend” or “style cheerleader.” My motto with my business is “Work hard, be kind, and stay humble.”


What is the biggest lesson (personal or professional) you've learned from having a personal styling business?

Never give up on your dreams or your God given gifts. Styling work ebbs and flows, there are highs and lows. Great months, and not so great months.There are challenges, and then there are days you feel so unbelievably fulfilled by your work. Stay grounded, positive and always work towards your dreams no matter what. Hitting the panic button accomplishes nothing. Just keep pressing on and everything eventually falls right into place.

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