How To Know What Business Advice To Take

February 8, 2017


When you have a business a lot of people offer their opinions on the best way to grow it or the next steps you should take. Whether it’s from your mom or the most renowned business coach out there, not all business advice is created equal. Here are three simple ways to vet the advice you take to grow your styling business.


Get Clear On What You Need Right Now

When you’re stuck trying to get a business off the ground or trying to grow your business, it can feel like you need help with everything. You can only do one thing at a time so pick a business coach or program that addresses what you need right now, not what you’ll need one day. If you’re ready to start a business, for example, look for a coach or program that will help you create your business plan, launch your business, and give you a plan for the first two years. Don’t worry about a plan for long-term growth just yet. You don’t have enough information to make a plan much further into the future so focus on building a strong foundation.


If you need to grow your existing business look for a coach or program that can help with common obstacles to growth like finding clarity in your marketing.


Vet For Experience

Lots of people have ideas about how to run a business, but not everyone knows how to run the exact business you want to run. One big differentiator between business programs is whether they teach you how to build an in-person business or a virtual business. Running a face-to-face business is very different than a virtual one so be sure their expertise aligns with the type of business you want to run.


Another way to vet whether their program is the right fit for you is to look to see if they have worked with your target market before and done well. Success in business is always tied to your clients so having a coach on your side who knows how to reach your market can eliminate years of expensive and exhausting trial and error.


Try Before You Buy

We live in the era of content marketing which allows you to get a good sense of the philosophy and expertise the coach or program you’re considering before you buy. Read their blog posts, sign up for their newsletters and, if possible, hop on an info call to get your questions answered. Look for content that offers advice that you can apply to your circumstances right now.


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