Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Watson

February 22, 2017


Our Curious Program helps anyone who’s dreamed of starting a personal styling business get their feet wet by pricing and delivering a mini styling service with real clients so they can be sure personal styling is the right path for them.


This week we’re highlighting recent Curious alumni, Sarah Watson from Houston, TX. Learn what led Sarah to the Curious Program, how the program helped her get clear that styling is the right path for her and her favorite tip for working with clients.


Welcome, Sarah!


What led you to The Paid Stylist?  When did you finish The Curious program?

My friend, Julia Browning, is one of the mentors for the Committed Program and she recommended looking into the Curious Program as a way to explore what a personal styling business is all about. I just finished the Curious program at the end of January (2017).


How long were you thinking about becoming a personal stylist before you signed up for the Curious Program?


Styling is something that my friends and family have always asked me to help with, and I enjoy it! This past fall, I attended a women's conference through my church here in Houston, and one of the speakers was a personal stylist from Atlanta. I loved what she had to say about how being a personal stylist gives us a unique opportunity to encourage women while giving them tools to look their best for every aspect of their lives. It still wasn't until a few months later, after talking to Julia, that I decided to take the leap and look into it.


What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

I learned so much; it's hard to pick just one takeaway! The program is great about giving you the nitty-gritty details about how to launch and start a styling business, but also balancing that with making sure you are actively thinking about your long-term goals. Most importantly, I learned how to value my time and effectively evaluate my growth and professional value.


Where are you in now in your personal styling journey and owning a business?

Since completing the program, one of my goals is figuring out what it looks like to balance my two loves: styling and music (my current job). Other things on the to-do list right now include getting my website up and working to make connections to establish myself as a stylist in the Houston area where I live.


What are your favorite styling tips and tricks?

It's so helpful for the client to hang their newly paired pieces on the same hanger or hang their clothes back in the closet in groupings that help remind them what we paired together in our session. A look book is an amazing extra step that helps keep things simple and easy in a client's closet every morning.


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