Alumni Spotlight: Ale Gonzalez

March 22, 2017



This week we’re excited to introduce you to Paid Stylist Curious program alumni, Ale Gonzalez. Ale completed the Curious program in October 2016 and is currently enrolled in our Committed Program. Learn how the Curious program brought her the clarity she needed to decide to leave her job as a teacher and pursue styling full-time. If you’ve been contemplating a career as a stylist for many years but aren’t sure if you can make time for it in your busy life, you don’t want to miss what Ale has to say.


Welcome, Ale!


What led you to he Paid Stylist?  When did you finish The Curious program?

I found out about The Paid Stylist in 2011. I already knew Michelle Rodriguez (TPS founder) and every time I saw her, I would ask her about the program. Since I was so curious about becoming a personal stylist, she encouraged me to give the Curious Program a try. I completed the program in October 2016.


How long were you thinking about becoming a personal stylist before you signed up for the Curious Program?

I had been thinking about becoming a personal stylist for four years. I have no idea why it took me so long. I learned about The Paid Stylist  when I first moved to Austin, but decided to put it on hold since I was barely starting my teaching career. I had no idea if I would have the time to do it or if I would be good at it, so I decided to wait. Last summer, I did the Time Clarity workshop Michelle led and it  gave me a completely different perspective. Even with a full-time job and a toddler, fitting in personal styling is totally possible!


What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

I learned so much throughout the program. Some  highlights that really helped were advice on which personal styling service to offer when getting started, how to price my services, and how to efficiently execute my personal styling services. The marketing strategies and what steps to take in order to grow my part-time personal styling business into a full-time gig have been beneficial as I grow my business. Perhaps my biggest take away has  been gaining the confidence to get started and create realistic goals to continue growing.


Where are you in now in your personal styling journey and owning a business?

This is my last year teaching, so I am excited to do personal styling as my full-time job. I am currently taking the Committed Program, and I will be relaunching and adding more services this April. I really enjoy styling. I come out of each client session with a big smile knowing that I really enjoy what I do.


What are your favorite styling tips and/ or tricks?

I believe fashion should be these two things:  effortless and a reflection of your personality.  You don’t need much to look amazing, an accent piece will do the trick. I also love versatile pieces that can be worn a dozen of ways. I always carry some accessories during my styling sessions to give my clients and idea of how an outfit completely changes by adding a necklace, hat or a bandana.    


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