3 Ways to Prepare For Starting a Personal Styling Business

May 17, 2017


We get asked a lot what aspiring personal stylists what they can do to gain experience and credibility before launching their business. Much to the surprise of many, the first steps to setting yourself up for styling success isn’t launching a website, printing business cards or even take an online course. The best way you can prepare for launching your personal styling business is to get out there and start doing the things that you’ll be doing as a full-time stylist. Add these three tasks to get your to-do list to hit the ground running when you launch your personal styling business.


Get A Head Start On Brand Research

One of the hardest things to keep up with when your business is up and running is brand research. With a retail landscape changing rapidly, knowing which brands are staying true to their quality and fit claims is what gives a personal stylist an edge. Go to stores with a friend that has a different body type from you, test fit across brands and take notes. This will save you lots of wasted time when you’re regularly working with clients.


Start Styling Friends and Family

Everyone has to start somewhere and the best place to start getting personal styling experience is in the closets of your friends and family. Begin sharpening your styling skills by doing closet edits whenever the opportunity arises. Helping friends, family, and acquaintances get their closets in order is great practice and adds serious value to the lives of the people you’re practicing your styling magic on. Don’t forget to leave your closet edit volunteers with suggestions of where to shop to fill in the new gaps in their wardrobe.


Create Content Now

When you’re responsible for every aspect of running your own business, it’s hard to prioritize tasks that might grow your business in the long-term but aren’t pressing in the short term. A perfect example of these types of tasks is writing content for your blog or social media accounts. If you don’t have a website, start a list of topics you’d like to write blog posts about when you launch your site. Begin asking questions, sharing style tips and interacting with your growing social media following so you can launch your business successfully. Consistently taking the time to create content before you’re fully steeped in running a business will help you make this a habit you stick with when life gets busy.

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