3 Ways To Gain Some Inspiration When You’re Burnt Out

July 26, 2017


Running out of inspiration and falling into a rut in your business is bound to happen to every business owner at some point. But a lack of inspiration can mean a lack of motivation to keep growing if it goes on long enough. This week we’re sharing three ways to get your creative brain flowing again so you can stay motivated and inspired to fuel your styling hustle.



Try New Media Sources

Scrolling through your Instagram feed in your free moments can be a way of zoning out instead of a way of gaining inspiration. If you’re usually on social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook, try getting into YouTube and search for videos on topics you want to learn more about. If you don’t spend much time on Twitter, start following people who share topics you’re interested in. Consuming media in new ways can get your creative juices flowing again.



Go Analog

There is no substitute for the magic that can happen when you’re holding a beautiful magazine (or book) in your hands. Once the September issues of major American fashion magazines hit newsstands, every “it” bag, color and shoe can feel stale fast. Gain some new styling inspiration and discover brands you’ve never heard in foreign fashion magazines. Browsing through French, Italian and British fashion magazines will give you another lens to look at what’s new for the season.


Or, perhaps you need to give your brain a break from social media altogether. It’s hard to stay inspired when you’re comparing yourself to others on social media so give yourself permission to go on a social media diet. While you’re at it, dive into all the analog inspiration you can get your hands on and take notes. You might be surprised by the ideas you come up with for new content to share when you’re back on social media again.



Seek Out Adventure

Immersing yourself in new sights, sounds and tastes is one of the best ways to spark new ideas. If you can’t plan a trip to escape from your usual surroundings, there’s plenty of inspiration to be gained by playing tourist in your own city or town (or in a city within reasonable driving distance). Check out new stores, go to a museum, or try a walking tour. There are tons of free podcasts that offer city walking tours and museum tours so be sure to check those out to get the most out of your adventure.



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