Why You Should Consider Adding Photo Styling To Your Services

September 6, 2017


Adding a new package to your list of styling services takes a lot of consideration. A new service should also help to grow and evolve your business to meet your long term goals. This month we’re sharing why adding photo styling to your service menus is a great option that checks all of the boxes you need to consider when you add a new service to your business.


Enhance Existing Client Relationships

For existing clients, this service will become another way they can utilize your styling expertise throughout the various stages of their life. You will alleviate the stress that comes with planning looks for each family member and help them feel at ease during a typically stressful time.


Create New Personal Styling Clients

Photo styling is also a great way for new clients to see how incredible you are at what you do. During the photo styling process, you will show her how easily you put together coordinating looks for each of her family members and how comfortable you are handling a situation that is otherwise quite overwhelming. Because of this, new clients who purchase a photo styling service tend to return month after month for other styling services.


Grow Your Styling Skills

Last, photo styling opportunities will grow your styling skills. You will build relationships with local photographers, hair and makeup artists, and boutique owners to name just a few. This service is a wonderful way to network while you work! Plus, images from your clients’ photo shoots will become invaluable assets for your social media platforms and website. For these reasons, it’s no wonder why many stylists are now offering the photo styling to their service menu.


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