Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Jones

July 19, 2017


 This week we’re delighted to introduce you to Paid Stylist Committed Alumni, Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth’s personal styling business, Elizabeth Jones Personal Styling, is based in Philadelphia, PA. Today she’s sharing how she leveraged her education in fashion merchandising and her professional experience as a visual merchandiser to build a successful personal styling business after taking the Committed Program. She also shares the opportunities that landing a regular style segment on a local TV network has garnered and what she believes sets her personal styling services apart.


Welcome, Elizabeth!


What led you to The Paid Stylist?  When did you finish the program?

I studied fashion merchandising in college and I worked as a visual merchandiser for retailers for many years. I always knew styling was in my blood and would often get asked to take people shopping or help them with their wardrobes. Styling is something I was meant to do from a visual perspective and because it involves working with people, however, I had no idea where to begin when it came to combining those two into a business. I needed to learn how to create packages, price my services and market myself. When I found the Paid Stylist it literally spoke my language. I also saw the amazing support system the program had and I was inspired. I signed up for the Committed Program as a Christmas gift (best decision ever!) and I finished the program in April of 2013 with a clear vision for my business.


How long have you been a personal stylist?

I have been a personal stylist for a little over four years.


What have been some highlights of your personal styling career so far?

Meeting so many amazing women has been an incredible highlight! I am truly blessed to be inspired by my clients every day. I get to hear so many amazing stories from women with different backgrounds. They motivate me every day to be a better person and a better stylist.


I have also been able to meet so many talented entrepreneurs and other stylists that I consider my biz tribe. It is another group that I am completely inspired by and blessed to have as a support system,


A recent major highlight was being asked to do a weekly style segment for a local TV station. It has been incredibly fun and has allowed me to find a niche that I didn’t know I would love so much. This opportunity has led to other TV networks asking me to do segments for them as well.  


Where in your city is your favorite place to shop with clients? Any hidden gems you'd like to share?

I’m lucky to be so close to King of Prussia Mall, a major flagship mall in my area.  It has almost any store you can think of from luxury stores to department stores and stores with more moderate price points. Having so many options in one place makes for super smooth shopping sessions. Being at the mall so much has allowed me to build many relationships with retailers. My retail partners are always making sure my clients and I have the very best experience. That makes a major difference for my clients and it keeps me going back to them.


What are your favorite styling tip, trick or philosophy?

I spend a lot of time getting to know a client and who she is before we get started. Many of my clients tell me that they love doing my pre-work because they feel that it is therapeutic and they get to spend some time really focusing on what inspires them. I have my clients fill out a detailed client form, create an inspiration board, then talk through what they’re drawn to - whether it’s a style icon or style from a certain decade.


Making my client the main focus at the start of my process allows me to provide them with the very best styling experience. They are shocked when we go into the fitting room and they have all these pieces they may have never tried before but still feel reflect their style and personality. There is no better feeling than helping a client gain more confidence and get out of their comfort zone while still remaining true to who they are.


Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram here.


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