3 Ways To Gain New Clients

April 18, 2018



There’s nothing like a new season to motivate us to look for some fresh ways to gain new clients and grow our businesses. When you’re trying to think of new ways to get clients, it can be easy to make things unnecessarily complicated. Here are some highly effective ways to get new clients that will also help establish you as an expert in your community, leading to more business all year long.


Create An Introductory Styling Service

Offering a lower priced styling package that is more limited in scope than your regular packages is a great way to try to jump-start your sales goals for the year. Lower priced introductory services are most successful when they solve a very specific problem for a client and are only offered for a limited period of time to increase the incentive to buy. Limiting what you help a client with during this service shows her that you can get results so she’ll want to hire you for your higher priced packages and it lets her see what it’s like to work with a personal stylist.


Join A Local Business Mastermind Group

Joining an in-person mastermind group is a great way to stay motivated about growing your business throughout the year and to network with other local business owners. A local mastermind group allows you to get to know other entrepreneurs in your area who have the same ideal client as you do. Growing your network with trusted referral partners will help your business stay strong and create opportunities to cross promote your business to reach new clients through in-person connections.


Seek Out Speaking Gigs

Developing a short (no longer than 15-20 minute) presentation on a personal styling topic your ideal client always wants to learn more about is an amazing tool for getting more clients. Local businesses and community groups are always looking for free speakers at the beginning of the year so now is the perfect time to reach out. The great thing about spending some time to create a styling presentation up front is that once you have it you can use it again and again. Styling presentations are also a great way to build partnerships with local boutiques by borrowing example looks for your talk.




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