How To Make Time For Administrative Tasks

November 22, 2017


We're often asked how much time it takes to run a personal styling business. The answer varies depending on how many clients you have and how long you've been in business. But there's one area that every stylist needs to spend time on in order to grow: administrative tasks.  


Before you can accurately assess how much time admin tasks should take you, it’s critical to identify the types of tasks you will need to prioritize. Here are the two most important ones for your business:


Marketing: Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Newsletters

Setting aside time to write every week is critical for growing your business. Whether it’s drafting a blog post, crafting a  few lines to accompany photos on your social media accounts, or coming up with your monthly newsletter, writing gets easier when you do it regularly. Sharing your knowledge and expertise is how potential clients and business partners get to know you and understand your unique perspective on personal style. We’ve heard time and time again that a potential client converted into a paying client after reading a stylist's newsletter or blog post. Stick with it because this investment in time pays off.


Set aside one to two hours every week to draft new marketing content. Prioritize more time if you’re just getting started and writing isn’t coming easily.


Finances: Tracking Expenses, Invoicing Clients, Paying Bills

Making time to invoice clients, track your expenses and pay your bills is a critical habit to get into when you’re starting out. You should be invoicing your clients in a timely manner so it’s best to do this within 24 hours of your consultations.


Tracking expenses and paying bills don’t take that much time if you do them once a month. Tracking your expenses is key to understanding when you’re at a point to reinvest in your business by taking a course, investing in a website refresh or spending money on any other aspect of your business you’ve been considering. Start by budgeting one to two hours a month to track your expenses and pay your bills to ensure you don’t have an overwhelming task in front of you when tax time rolls around.


The amount of time you’ll spend on administrative tasks will increase as your business expands. Getting into the habit of budgeting time weekly and monthly for these two areas of your business will help you stay connected to what’s most important as you grow.



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