3 Ways To Market A New Styling Service

September 27, 2017



This month we’re focusing on helping our community understand how to add a new styling service to their service menu.  It’s exciting to add a new service to the mix and expand the types of clients you work with. But, can be daunting as well. Creating a new service requires you to do a lot of the behind the scenes work that has nothing to do with styling and getting motivated to do the work can be a struggle. We totally get it.


One of the most important tasks you have to take on when you create a new service is marketing it so new clients can find you and hire you. This week we’re sharing three ideas for marketing a new styling service that we’ve seen be very effective for our alumni.



Since you already have a personal styling business, you’re in the amazing position of not having to start from scratch when it comes to your marketing. If you have a newsletter (and you really should), drafting a special edition with info about your new styling service is the first place to start. This will help get the word out to new and potential clients.


If you don’t have a newsletter yet, you should reach out to clients individually and let them know about your new service. Don’t assume they’ve already looked at your website or saw your latest Facebook post announcing it. Let them know how this new styling service will make their lives easier in your email. And, most importantly, don’t forget to ask them to let friends and family know about your new service in case it’s the perfect fit for them.



So you listed your new service on your website? Great! But all of your work is not done. One of the most important things you can do to help new clients find you is optimize your website with keywords that match what your potential client would use to find you in an online search.


There are all kinds of ways to increase the matches between your website and a potential client’s internet search. One way is to write blog posts that use the phrase organically throughout. Another very effective (and free) way to boost your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) for your new service is to write blog content on another website and have that post link back to your new service page.  Finally, if you have a little extra cash, you can hire an SEO expert to optimize your website using the keywords that will lead a client to your new service. Since most clients use a website search to find a stylist these days, optimizing your website is a key step to integrate into your marketing plan.



When you first launch a new service, it’s tempting to put on your best networking getup and get out there. But, we've seen this lead to burnout fast. Instead, we recommend identifying two to three other service professionals that also works with the target market you’d like to serve with your new service and ask them to grab coffee. In that meeting, find ways to refer clients to one another and, if it feels right for you and your business, work out a referral fee. Think of creative ways to cross-market like sharing content on each other's websites. Expanding your reach to new clients in small but targeted ways has been how we’ve seen our alumni flourish the fastest when they launched new styling services. It also helped them stay focused on who they wanted to serve and avoid exhaustion.



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