Tips For Styling New Moms for A Photo Shoot

December 6, 2017



Styling expecting mothers for maternity portraits is a great service to offer to your female clients. As you help each client commemorate this important stage of her life, consider the following tips when pulling clothes and shopping with your radiant mom-to-be.



As with any photo session, consider the shoot location before selecting clothes. Avoid your client from blending into the background by selecting a color that is flattering on your client.



Steer clear of busy patterns or bulky clothing that might make your client look or feel larger than she is.



Fitted dresses are typically best for maternity photos. Even if she is self conscious about certain areas, fitted styles tend to photograph better than tent-shaped pieces because they will highlight her bump.



Recommend light layering pieces to strategically hide areas she is not so fond of.



When you shop with an expecting mother, be sure to make the process as simple as possible and be sensitive to her emotions. She could either feel excited or insecure (or, both at the same time!) about her changing shape so take measures to ensure your client feels as comfortable as possible during your shop. Set up the dressing room with clothing options beforehand and bring water and snacks. Have accessories on-hand to avoid having to walk to and from different departments.


If this is the first time she shops for maternity clothes, be patient. Some women have a tough time during this process, but you being there to encourage her and remind her of her beauty and strength will make it an enjoyable experience.  Encourage and show her what looks fantastic on her and why.


Most importantly, help her stay focused and present on celebrating this new stage in her life.


To learn more about maternity styling and the photo styling process, check out our Family and Maternity Photo Styling Course here.



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