What To Do When Your Client Loves An Unflattering Color

July 5, 2017


Sometimes a client loves a color that you don’t love against her skin tone. Unflattering colors, especially near the face, will cause skin to look uneven, splotchy, aged, or dull. As stylists, we must find a way to merge our clients’ personal style preferences with clothing that enhances their features.


Here are tips to help you mix in an off-palette color your client loves while still complementing her natural glow:


Stay Away from the Face

The easiest way to incorporate the color is in a handbag, shoe, belt, or any other accessory that is far from her face. You can also do it in a pant, but be careful with skirts or shorts, as those could cause legs to look uneven or splotchy.


Patterns + Prints

Look for patterns and prints that have accents of the unflattering color but are dominated by flattering colors.   


Cut It

When a client loves that unbecoming mustard yellow top in her closet, you can literally “cut the mustard” with a scarf, statement necklace, or third layer like a blazer or cardigan that is in her ideal palette color. This will help neutralize the effects of the “off” color.  


Note that a person’s undertones aren’t going to change from season to season, so your client’s oft-offered solution of “When I’m wearing more makeup” or “When I have a tan” won’t make that warm undertone blouse flatter her cool complexion.


Using these strategic color solutions will allow you to work with your client while still helping her dress in a way that makes her shine and that reflects well on you and your expertise.


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