Three Ways To Credit A Photographer

November 3, 2017


When you offer photo styling services in your personal styling business, you will build relationships with photographers in your area. Photographers are what we call our business partners, individuals we work with on a regular basis and get referrals from that help grow our business. In all business partnerships, it’s important to be respectful of the other person’s craft. Everyone likes to be given credit for their hard work and photographers are no different. This week I’m sharing how to give your photography partners the credit they deserve in your marketing.


Hopefully your client is excited to share their new photos with the world and they allow you to use the images on your social media accounts, blog, newsletter and other spaces that you market your business. Even if your client has purchased the rights to her photos and allows you to use them to promote a service that you offer like Family Photo Styling, you should also ask the photographer for permission to use the images. Once you receive the images, be sure to send a thank you note or email to the photographer. This small gesture is always appreciated.


As their business partner, you should continue to credit a photographer any time you utilize their images. The following are simple ways that you can give credit to a photographer:


1. When you post your client’s images on your website or in a newsletter, be sure to list the photographer’s name or business name below the image or at the bottom corner of the photo.


2. When posting on your social media platforms, remember to mention the photographer in the comments and tag their business.


3. If you use the images for a blog post, you can link the images back to the photographer’s website.


To learn more about working with photographers and other key players in the photo styling process, check out our Family and Maternity Photo Styling Course here.



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