Understanding Texture

November 15, 2017


Texture can be a great way to add style and dimension to an outfit, but did you know that it can also play a part in aging (or anti-aging) your client?


As you are working with a client, pay attention to the texture of their skin and its range from smooth to very textured. Texture can be caused by wrinkles, acne, scarring, large pores, etc. The general rule here is like to like. When you juxtapose a smooth silk top against a client with heavily textured skin, you are emphasizing the skin’s “roughness”—which will age your client. Whereas, a textured top will work in harmony with their skin’s surface and detract from age lines, scarring, acne, etc.


This also works the other way. If you have a client with flawless smooth skin, a silky top will work to showcase their complexion.


Pro Tip: If a client with a lot of texture wants or needs silky tops as part of their capsule, make sure you add texture somewhere around their face in a scarf or necklace or layer the top with textured items like a tweed jacket or thick knit.


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